The logos give an instant identity for products. There are some basic guidelines of making logo but the basic of the things are the same. First & foremost is look at the business of other companies focus on the message, which you are portraying. Make it decent don't use jazzy colors let the colors be decent. The font also plays a crucial role in logo making. The logo design will create a strong lasting brand name for your products & services. But a word of caution makes sure you don't copy & take idea for creating a logo since the logo will be there in the minds of customer. For startups business has to create a new logo for its own identity. Logo & its importance can be getting to know by the names of some of the popular brands they've evolved over the years & logo has played an important role in its formation. Some of the leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Kodak all have the one common feature they are recognized by the their logo we get instant visual image of the product by their logo.