I'm hoping that this makes a little more sense to those of you who were questioning some things that I wrote previously. It explains the process I went through.

I've been asked several times to further explain myself in regards to what I was teaching on "let us make man in our own image." I apologize for the misunderstanding I have caused. This happened because I have went through a change of thought and mind that others have not witnessed. My writings online are typically for the purpose of causing those outside of the message to think about their beliefs and present teaches based on scripture alone. However, many more message believers are beginning to read what I have written so I want to change my approach at this point in time.

There are several different understandings of the beginning of the Son, whether he had a pre-incarnate existence or had his beginning in the womb of Mary. However, since how I came to my understanding should genuinely be questioned I wanted to submit the quotes and explanation below. This is not intended to tie all the loose ends together. This is the journey of understanding the Lord led me through.