Tiger Logos

Known for its speed and agility, the tiger is one of the most well known and recognizable animals. The heaviest and perhaps fastest of all big cats in an extended run, this feline creature is often used as a symbol of strength, youthfulness, and vitality in various places all over the world. These creatures are often presented in objects, places, and even people and events through symbols use the head of tiger as an image that represents the traits and characteristics of this magnificent animal.

The tiger, with its black and orange stripes has been depicted in some many myths and fables in in a variety of cultures. Often in myths, the tiger is depicted with a strength that exceeds that of his peers. The tiger's speed and agility allows him to dash towards a prey at a speed of several hundred feet per minute. Its colorful characteristic creates an eye catching wonder to behold. Its quiet demeanor shows grace and beauty while its roar is as fierce as its attack.

In many places around the world, the tiger is held in high regard. Animal rights organizations, conservationists, and environmentalists join forces together to save and improve the declining number of tiger species. The head of the tiger logo is used by many organizations that carry-out this mission. This logo is also used in many groups and institutions to constantly remind us of the admirable characteristics of the tiger.