Bentley Wallpaper

Have you ever seen the winged "B" badge of the Bentley and felt like flying? If yes, you are not the only one! People all around the world dream of owning a Bentley and why not, its stature is just too big not to be desired! Bentley Motors was established in England in January 1919. The founder was Walter Owen Bentley. Walter Owen was always fascinated by combustible engines and racing motorcycles, like most young boys are, and the Bentley was an outcome of this passion.

Bentley Motors has a history full of turns and twists and quite an interesting one too! Lets skim through its pages.

The manufacturing of the Bentley started with a 3-litre engine car which was very advanced for its times. It had four cylinders, single overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and twin-spark ignition via two magnetos. But it did make some noise. It is said, that this noise once irritated a nurse who was attending to a dying patient. To everyone's surprise, a person present there had then said 'A happy sound to die to"! Such was the beginning of the Bentley!

The Bentley was and is primarily known as a racing car. It has won many Le Mans trophies. The Le Mans is a 24-hour car endurance test held in France. It tests a car to it limits and those who can sustain the grill, command tremendous respect and awe in the automobile market. These races also provided a huge advertisement for the Bentley. The first Bentley,the 3-litre car, participated and came a very respectable 4th!

From then on, there was no looking back and Bentley motors went on to make some of the finest cars ever known. Sometimes the manufacturing was so slow that the cars were made just before delivery and at times even the demonstration cars had to be sold. But their popularity never ceased to soar. In reality fewer people bought them due to their high prices but still everyone secretly thought of taking control of one of these. After a few years, it was announced that Bentley Motors would retire from racing as they were falling short of money. As well as this, all the rash race driving was giving the common man a very bad impression about the car. Some people were wary of buying the car, as they saw it as a symbol of rough driving. Somewhat in order to break this image, Bentley Motors manufactured a bewitching limousine passenger car. But by this time, the great depression had taken its toll on Bentley Motors, leaving it in financial doldrums. Hence it was decided to sell the firm. Thus Rolls Royce took over Bentley Motors in a very dramatic manner in 1931. At that time Bentley was the most formidable rival of Rolls Royce and the world saw this as a mega deal for Rolls Royce. Actually it was good news for Bentley (in one way at least), that their baby would at least be in some experienced hands. Thus the Bentley was actually with Bentley Motors only till 1931.

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