Alpina Wallpaper

The 2008 BMW Alpina B7 has taken the BMW 750i and used it for the basis of this new car. However, with the special design and the V8 engine it boasts, it is quite a bit lighter than the 760Li, which is a great benefit if you want better maneuverability and agility. Also, the Alpina has decided to add a supercharger to the engine as well, which adds quite a few horses but very little weight to the vehicle.

When Alpina began to actually develop the B7 engine, the BMW V8 engine then only had a 4.4 liter displacement. However, from this beginning they decided to supercharge this engine, which was something that was never done in the past before. The end of this achievement led to the impressive 500 horsepower and 516 lb ft of torque as well. While you'll notice that this car doesn't have the higher pitched sound that the M engines tend to have, it has a more high class low pitch sound that lets you know there is a V8 engine under the hood without being crass about it.

The Chassis from the 7 series was used as well, but Alpina took that chassis and refined and fine tuned it quite a bit to make it ready for the higher performance level of the B7. While it kept the Active Roll Stabilization, Alpina engineers worked with Michelin and BMW to help bring about shock absorbers and springs that have a firmer calibration. Also, the 760i's brakes were used on the care, which are larger than those in the 750i. Alpina also topped the 20 in wheels and tires that BMW used on the 760i as well. They added 21 inch wheels to the car with special slender spokes, which provides great ventilation for the brake rotors.

There are many little exterior touches that have been added to the Alpina that shows that it is a performance car without actually screaming it out. So, there are several different things about the 2008 BMW Alpina B7 that are a bit different from a regular 750i. First of all, it has a special spoiler and front bumper ensemble that are only used on this car, as well as the special 20 spoke wheels that have low profile tires on them. Also, on the side window framing, there is a special high gloss Shadowline trim that comes standard.

A unique rear bumper is used as well as a nice spoiler for the rear that goes perfectly with the body lines of the 7 Series. You can also get the car with the metallic paint in Alpina blue if you want, and it comes with badging as well. While the effects of this car are understated and subtle, the car leaves no doubt in your mind that this is a special performance edition of the 7 Series.

If you take a look on the inside of the car, you'll find that just like any BMW, the 20008 BMW Alpina B7 has all the luxury, tasteful design, and quality materials that you are used to seeing in a BMW. However, Alpina takes it a bit further, offering its' own touches to the mix as well. It adds both esthetic and ergonomic touches to the interior of the vehicle and raises the standard equipment of the BMW to a new level too.

Some of the special features that the Alpina offers include the special performance touches. When you step into the car, you'll notice the special floor mats that have the Alpina log on them as well as the special door sill trims as well. The instruments are done in a special way as well, with the Alpina Blue color as the background of the instruments and special lettering on the right bottom as well. On the special iDrive system in the car, you can find out how much fuel you have left in your tank, how far you can get on the fuel, the current speed, and how far you have to go to your destination. The steering wheel of the car is done with special Lavalina leather, beautiful stitching and it includes the Alpina logo right in the center.

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