Car Logos Designs

Cars have always been a sign of luxury and pride and they have enjoyed a rich history. Businesses related to cars have always enjoyed the attention of the people because of new designs, innovation and technology. Their emblem or signage has always been sought for creativity and uniqueness. These businesses have always enticed the speed demons using bright, bold colors, fonts and images. To add classiness, the companies have restricted themselves in using their names in the emblems.

A car logo design will help you stand tall among the audience and will help you distinguish from the rest. So, it is necessary that the right kind of images, fonts and colors are used to make your mark. Make sure that you keep your emblem simple and do not use multiple colors or images to give a clutter look. There are four different kinds of logo designs that car businesses can use to develop their brand identity for marketing.

Text based only:Most of the famous car businesses keep their logo text based only. These big companies set trends with their name and it is due to their massiveness that they become acceptable with a name logo. Brands such as Nissan and Ford us their name only to set themselves apart from the crowd and it is their font style that makes them memorable and distinct.

Using symbols:Big brands such as BMW and Chevrolet uses symbol to make their mark. These emblems are simple yet sophisticated. Whenever drawn, these simple symbols are easily identifiable. Their simplicity has made them popular and unique. The symbol speaks of the characteristics of the brand. For example, the BMW roundel represents sporty and smart nature of the brand while its blue and white checked circle represents propellers as well as connects its back to the place where it is manufactured.

Company Initials:Others such as Suzuki, Honda, Lexus and many others had only used company initials to brand themselves across the globe. These companies use a mixture of text and art to portray the meaning and ambition of the company through the curves and style of fonts. Through the usage of initials the companies have successfully set themselves apart from others.

Image logos:Many car logos have used intricate designs to establish their brand mark. These identities create a deeper meaning when seen. Companies like Ferrari have used animals to attribute the company with the quality of the animal. The animal embellished car logo designs represent power, strength and speed, and also add a deeper meaning to the image.

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