Formula D Finals Irwindale Raceway - House Of Drift

Scene: Formula D Finals, Irwindale Raceway, Irwindale, CA
From the January, 2010 issue of Super Street
By Charles Trieu, Sean Klingelhoefer
Photography by Charles Trieu, Sean Klingelhoefer

As Formula D headed into it's final round after a one-month hiatus, all the drivers were eager to close out the season - none more so than Chris Forsberg who has been atop the field nearly the whole year. After qualifying JTP was definitely looking like the car to beat with his burly RX-8 built by the Bergenholtz brothers. After laying down what seemed like a perfect run the entire crowd, myself included, was left in awe.

The funny thing about drifting is that the tables can turn quickly with just one fault and like that you're eliminated. Unfortunately for Justin this would be his fate in round 7 when defeated by Tyler McQuarrie in the Top 16. The surprise story, or as some might say "fluke", of the night was Matt Powers nearly making it to the podium. The idol of many drifting fans for his nonchalant privateer demeanor and infamous band of scallywags, known as the Mättley Crüe, the crowd loved every round where he advanced. Eventually Matt got schooled by Tyler McQuarrie and again by Tanner Foust, proving that it takes more than a good attitude to win at FD.

All Forsberg needed to do was pilot his NOS 350Z into the Top 16 and he would be numerically unsurpassable for the championship and that's just what he did. Although he didn't advance past the Top 16 it was still good enough to also land him in first for the Triple Crown, outscoring fellow Drift Alliance member Ryan Tuerck by only 8 points. Tuerck, the winner of the final round at Irwindale, was even closer to Chris for the overall championship, being only 6 points shy of Forsberg. If this season is any indication of what next year should hold it could be the best Formula D series yet and the DA guys are proving to be the ones to watch.
Judgement Day - Round 7 Results
1st     Ryan Tuerck
2nd     Tyler McQuarrie
3rd    Tanner Foust

Formula D 2009 Season Final Standings
1st    Chris Forsberg    527 points
2nd    Ryan Tuerck    521 points
3rd    Tyler McQuarrie    485 points