Company Logo Design

There are right and wrong ways to go about creating your company logo design. This is an important step to owning a business. The logo you create will be the first thing people are likely to see. If you have a creative, professional image representing your company, they may become more interested in what you have to offer and contact you. Be sure to avoid the following errors, or hire a professional logo designer so you do not have to worry about these mistakes.

Using the Wrong Fonts 

The text of your logo design is one of the post important aspects. Along with the image, the text is the first impression that you will give potential business. Therefore, you do not want your professional brand associated with fonts that are cutesy, hard to read, or bolded so much they run together. A lot of script fonts should be avoided because the additional curves and loops that are used will make it difficult to read. Instead, opt for simple, normal sized lettering that can be read even on a small logo.

Including Clip Art 

Clip art that is found preinstalled on your computer or for free on the Internet is low quality and should not be used. Nothing screams unprofessional than the beginner images that you can download without paying for them. In most cases, you will want to create your company logo design from scratch, which includes making your own image. You could always have this designed for you if you do lack the creativity to do it yourself.

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Overdoing it 

The best logo designs are those that are simple. The text should be no more than a short phrase, usually just the name of your company. A tag line is optional so long as it is kept short as well. The image should also be kept simple, as it will be easier to recognize than an outlandish, overly drawing picture. Also, avoid using complex additions such as shadowing, gradients, and glossy effects.


Copying the logo design of others is very unprofessional. Changing the colors or font style of a design you find online is not enough to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to be discovered, and your business could be ruined do to this simple act of using another company's ideas. Make sure that your design is unique and fresh so that you are easily remembered when anyone sees your logo.