Team Logo Design

For corporate teams, to get someone design a logo for their team is nothing to worry about - it is the entire responsibility of their company. But for small teams working at local level, this can be a big problem. They can't afford expert but expensive designers and don't have any other choice except to design a team logo on their own. For all these novice designers, here is a step-by-step guide:

Start with browsing Internet for logo examples and samples to have an idea what your logo of your team should look like. Don't ever copy others' ideas - you must have a unique logo for your team and this you can never get from copying others' logos.

List the strengths and specialties of your team and select any two to threefeatures that are popular among the people as your team identity or the ones you want to make popular.

If your selected specialty is a physical object like a tattoo or a band, use its picture in your logo. If it is an abstract concept, like energy or honesty,search Internet for images that can embody that concept. You can use those images or symbols for you logo but always make them a little different by using few basic tricks of Photoshop.

If your team has a special color, your logo must have that team color with one or two contrasting colors. If not, look for the colors that symbolize the strengths you have listed before. Always remember that the color combination in your logo must be appealing to your target audience.

Next comes the task of writing the text for your logo. One necessary element of the text would be the name of your team but it must also have a tagline. Look over the list of your specialties and think of some unique synonyms and combination of words on your list to create a tagline.

Combine your selected image, colors, and text and do some adjustment to create your very own team logo design.

Team Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo DesignTeam Logo Design