Design of logos has become an art form and is considered important, since the success or failure of a business depends on the company logos design. But design trends change with time, as the companies evolve the logos must reflect that evolution. A very good example of the evolution of a logo design is Apple’s logo. This type of evolution requires some of the best logo designers who could identify the current logo trends and help a company to amalgamate the new treads into the already existing design. The year 2010 has had it fair share of trends, and 2011 has already started knocking on our doors.

Below is a brief list of trends that I think would be in vogue in 2011. Go through them as they could be the trends to look out for next year.

Abstract Logos - Yes, this is big today and is going to be even bigger in the future. Design of logos with hidden messages is an art and everybody will sit up and take notice of this style.

Shadow based company logos design - Every business wants to attract attention and these cool umbrageous designs would necessitate the observer to take the second look.

3D Logos - The wait is finally over, and a logo design job with 3d animation is the next big thing to come out in 2011. 

Minimal designs - These days best logo designers are the people who use minimalistic design elements in their work as it is considered striking, and has a better impact. Minimal designs tend to stand out among the sea of over-the-top designs. 

Environment friendly logos - This might sound odd but companies are doing it and would increase the use of ‘green’ logo designs to showcase their environmental commitment.