Wealth and Power of Bentley Cars

Bentley is a name synonymous with wealth and power. To own a Bentley means that you have the money and the means to get things done. At least that is what people think when they see someone driving one of these prestigious high end cars. Interestingly enough, the Bentley brand is fraught with financial woes and internal troubles that contrast the public view of these elite cars. Never the less, there is no doubt that Bentley is a car that many people could never hope to obtain, in fact these cars are so elite that it is likely that you have never even seen one much less had the opportunity to purchase one. However, there are those who have purchased a Bentley that never thought they could because they purchased a Used Bentley.
Now, do not go thinking that you can take your $10,000 in cash and go purchase a Used Bentley today. Even a used Bentley is going to cost you more than a traditional vehicle. Do not forget, these are the pinnacle of cars, the cream of the crop so to speak, so even a used one is going to start at $50 to $60 thousand dollars. While this is not as affordable as, let's say a used mini van, the way people perceive you when you drive a Bentley is far different then how they see you when you pull up in your mini-van.
A new Bentley can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so getting a Bentley for fifty or sixty thousand dollars is a great deal, especially considering that Bentley owners are synonymous for keeping their vehicles in great shape. While you are not likely to get a 2009 Bentley Arnage for fifty thousand dollars, you could find yourself driving away in a 2004 Continental GT Coup Used Bentley for that price and that is saying something.
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