Bugatti Wallpaper HD

Bugatti, a legendary maker of high performance vehicles in Molsheim, France was established by a re-known Italian born car designer. It produced some of the most exclusive and fastest high end sports car between 1909 and the mid 1950s. It was largely a family based operation that failed to survive transition of its key founders. This is because it closed production in the fifties after some financial problems but it was bought out in the sixties for its high potential airplane business. Currently the Volkswagen group is the new owner of bugatti brand name that it uses to release limited edition high end sports cars.

The bugatti car models were known for their highly detailed designs and their elegant artistic outline. Some of the greatest achievements of bugatti during it hay days includes winning the first Monaco grand prix, Targa Florio, French grand prix, Italian grand prix, Spanish grand prix, German grand prix, Belgian grand prix, Czechoslovakia grand prix and topping it up by becoming number one during the 24 hour of Le mans race in 1937 and 1939. In terms of design, the engines received a hand built design with a fine tuned polished look. This ensured that its flat gaskets could work well without sealing and it could be wired safely with elaborate corded patterns. It also used fewer light weight but durable parts for its forged spring axels.

Some of the most notable car models that boosted the public opinion rating of bugatti include type 35 "royale", type 55 and type 57 "atlantic". During its extant, bugatti rolled out close to seven thousand cars but only two thousand of them can be currently accounted for when using the firm's re-known T (type) mark on the drive train and chassis. Other known bugatti prototypes include type 36; type 56 electric cars, type 64 coupes and type 73c. Bugatti also produced a few road model cars for the well off between 1910 to 1962 like the type 252 convertible 2 setter, and type 18 garros. It also produced race car edition that were on offer between 1910 and 1956 are type 32 tank and type 251.

Another landmark of the bugatti car model was in 1989 when its new owner Romano Artoili contracted car designers from Lamborghini and cauntach to produce the Bugatti EB110 sports car. However, this success was short lived as it closed production due to the economic recession of the mid 1990s. It was later acquired by Volkswagen AG in 1998 who commissioned production of the Bugatti EB118 touring sedan. This car was unveiled at the Paris auto show during the same year. It featured the first passenger car18 cylinder engine that had a horse power of 555. This model was followed by newer versions of Bugatti 18/8 Chiron and Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron.

The next generation of bugatti was launched in 2000 it had a 1001 horse power engine driven by 16 turbo charged cylinders with top speeds of 407 kilometers per hour and acceleration from 1 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 2.5 seconds. The bugatti car model has evolved over years getting even better with contemporary designs put in place.