Here is modified Acura in black color with alloy rims and black tinted windows.


- Owner: Dave Tsai Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

- Vehicle: 2006 Acura TSX Horsepower: 248whp @ 8160rpm Torque: 185ft-lbs @ 2800rpm Dyno : Type: JET Club / Team Affiliation: Team IMPORTEXPO / LEVEL ONE 

:: Exterior - J’s Racing Type-S aero front bumper 
- JDM Euro-R side skirts 
- JDM Euro-R rear lip 
- SPOON Sports rear lip spoiler 
- J’s Racing Type-S front bumper canards 
- JDM Euro-R window visors 
- JDM Euro-R black window moldings 
- J’s Racing rear carbon diffuser
- JDM Euro-R badges 
- JDM Euro-R headlights 
- Ignited 8000K HID Kit 
- JDM Euro-R taillights (inner and outer) 
- J’s Racing front and rear tow hooks 

:: Interior 
- JDM Euro-R RECARO front seats
- ARC titanium shift knob 
- MUGEN short shifter
- JDM Euro-R pedals & footrest 
- Honda Accord all season floor mats
- Defi Oil Temp & Oil Pressure Gauges 
- JDM Accord Euro-R air bag 
- NRG harness bar
- JDM Accord Euro-R door sills 
- TAKATA 4-point harness 

:: In Car Entertainment 
- Acura OEM Navigation system 

::Wheels / Tires 
- VOLK Racing Lug Nuts 
- VOLK Racing CE28 (18×9, Street)
- BFGoodrich KDW (225/40/18, Street) 
- ADVAN Racing RS (17X8, Track) 
- BFGoodrich R1 (235/40/17, Track) 

:: Brakes / Suspension
- SPOON Sports Mono-Block 4 Pot Calipers 
- Racing Break 2-Piece Front Break Rotors 
- MUGEN Rear Brake Rotors 
- Endless Brake Pads (CCX Front – CCY Rear) 
- MUGEN Stainless Steel braided hose set 
- Motul Brake Fluid 
- J’s Racing Strut Tower Bar 
- ZEAL Function Xs Coilovers 
- SPOON Sports Adjustable Front Upper Arm Set 
- SPOON Sports Adjustable Rear Upper Arm Set 
- SPOON Sports Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arm Set 
- J’s Racing Fender Braces 
- CARBING Rear Trunk Brace
- CARBING Rear Bumper Bar
- CARBING Underbody Floor Support Bars 
- Swift Spings Euro-R Front & Rear Sway Bars 

:: Engine
- SPOON Sports Valve / Plug Cover
- HONDATA K-Pro ECU (Tuned by Turtle Tuning)
- J’s Racing Radiator Cap 
- J’s Racing Oil Cap
- MUGEN Low Temp Thermal Switch 
- SPOON Sports Reservoir Covers
- MUGEN Header
- J’s Racing Cat-Killer
- J’s Racing 60RS Single Exhaust
- J’s Racing Carbon Intake
- RBC Intake Manifold (Port & Polish by Turtle)
- P2R Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets 
- HONDATA Intake Manifold Gasket
- Alex Motorports Shift Springs 
- J’s Racing Baffle Oil Pan
- HAMP Oil Filter 
- SKUNK2 Pro-Series stage II Camshafts 
- SKUNK2 Pro-Series Valves, Valve Springs & Retainer
- Shaved Engine Head Ported and Polished 
- J’s Racing 4.77 Final Drive 
- J’s Racing 1.5 Way LSD
- SPOON Sports Clutch Set 
- Earl’s Oil Cooler Kit
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JDM modified Acura with green alloy rims

JDM modified Acura rear