Getting the Best Car Insurance

There are several factors that auto insurance companies take into account when they are determining the rate of an auto insurance policy. When you are talking to an agent or filling out forms to receive car quotes make sure that you are receiving all of the savings that you are entitled to. This list will help in obtaining low cost car insurance.

Getting the Best Car InsuranceInstall a Theft Device: A lot of newer model cars have alarms and other theft devices installed. If your car does not have a theft device, it may be wise to invest in one because insurance companies tend to give discounts on their policies if the insured car has an alarm.

Monitor Your Daily Mileage: Insurance companies have designated categories for drivers who drive a certain amount of miles every day. By keeping track of your daily mileage and providing it to your insurance company, you may be eligible for further discounts depending on how many miles you drive every day. Usually there are significant differences in price between the classes so it is important to give an accurate reading of your daily mileage.

Look for Multiple Car Discounts: Insuring two cars can sometimes cost as much as only insuring one car. If you have two or more cars, check with your insurance company whether they offer discounts on multiple cars. Even keeping a low cost liability policy on a car that you do not use as much can significantly lower your insurance policy payments.

Check for Group Discounts: Many insurance companies partner with other businesses and organizations. Being a member of certain credit cards, credit unions, college affiliations, or banks can possibly lower your car insurance rates if your insurance company is a partner.

Take Care of Your Credit Rating: To lower your insurance rates it is important to keep your credit clean. Many insurance companies check your credit rating before offering you certain policy rates. Make sure that your credit rating is in good shape, and if it is not, try to look for insurance providers who do not do credit checks.

Combine Home and Auto Policies: Most insurance companies will give you significant discounts if your insurance policy covers your home and car. Sometimes the savings may be as high as 20%.

Lowering the Comprehensive, Collision, Medical or Liability Coverages: You can lower some of your basic policy coverages and it will reduce your monthly auto insurance payments. Lowering your collision and comprehensive coverage is usually the first step to lowering your rates. Also increasing your deductible can also yield further savings. If you have trouble paying your monthly auto insurance premiums, then lowering your liability and medical coverage could help but it is not recommended.

Take a Defensive Driving Course: Some insurance companies will also give you a discount if you take a defensive driving course. Make sure to check with your insurance provider if you could qualify for further savings if you take a safety course.