Bentley Continental GT with 22 inch D2Forged MB2 Wheels

The one you’re seeing right now is a modified Bentley Continental GT by Klutch22 which features a set of 22 inch D2Forged MB2 wheels. This presenting how the wheels need to have durability but don’t let go what’s called a style. How durable? This car has taken off by its owner for this year’s Bullrun Rally. Not only for occasion, but it got its roads along from Canada to the starting point of the Rally in Las Vegas.

Read how the car gets its a fully description at the press release after the break. Don’t miss to browse the gallery, they all are awesome pics.

Press Release:

A Bentley GT did the entire Bullrun rally on 22″ D2FORGED Wheels!!!

We are asked many times are our wheels durable. Can they stand the test of daily driving. Yes, they can. We got more than enough scientific data to prove it all, but one test, a test that goes greater lengths than any lab coat figure crunching scientist can bring you is the one to rule them all (no LOTR pun intended).

When you decide to enter into a partnership with a company like Klutch22, it can only go big. And big it went. Klutch22′s Bentley Continental GT was the vehicle selected to be the project car, it will prove to any non-believers what quality forged wheels can endure. With 22″ D2FORGED MB2′s to take the burden of a high mileage abuse, it was all set and done for a great adventure.

As you may already know, Bullrun Rally is one of the popular road race rallies going on in the United States for quite some time. Going from Las Vegas to Miami it’s no small feat, no matter what car you are doing it in. Combine that with driving on different roads, surfaces, damages to both the car and wheels are something that cannot be avoided.

But D2FORGED MB2 wheels and the Bentley Continental GT stood up to the challenge! Not only that! Owner and competitor in this year’s Bullrun Rally took his car all the way from Canada to the starting point of the Rally in Las Vegas!

So there you have it. After thousands of miles, after use and abuse of all kinds. Neither the car or the wheels showed any signs of weakness. Wait, there was one flat tire due to a nail. But hey, a small price to pay for great and amazing looks, great performance and worry-free driving on D2FORGED wheels.