Revere London Changes Land Rover Range Rover Sport,done Looks like a Luxury Gangsta Mobile

…“to provide clientele with a unique lifestyle choice, excellent service and complete discretion.”

Those words above might sound like a crap. Too exaggeration I guessed. But at this time, the crap might be a reality. Look at the picture below, then let’s talk about it.

 Yes, as you’ve seen, that’s a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, of course which has been got a modification. So, related with those words and the Sport (actually that sentence at above is came from the tuner’s philosophy), I’m pretty sure you can take a vision of a crap becomes a reality.

 Well, if you yet taking a vision, let’s roll out this Range Rover Sport. The tuner is Revere London, a new tuning firm from UK, which has modified the Sport with a luxury touch on exterior and interior, as well as some engine upgrades which including an ECU reprogramming for the range-topping 4.2L Supercharged V8 engine which lifts the output onto 410hp (305kW) plus a custom exhaust system to allow the Sport to breathe smoothly. About the engine and performance upgrades, Revere London offers various improvements depend on what model which will be tuned, but generally, they will do combine the same items to increase it.

Let’s get to the outside. Revere’s Range Rover Sport has an aggressive new bodykit. At the front, the tuner has added a new front grille mated with a plastic front bumper and lower fascia that’s guaranteed to match with the OEM body mounts, and don’t forget about a set of Hella fog lamps contrasting paint color for the air dam give an even more aggressive look for the Range Rover Sport. On the back, a custom bumper with tailpipe box replacements is offered by the tuner. To complete the exterior stuff, Revere adds a lowering module for the air suspension which assists the Revere 22” aluminum rims fit into the wheels. Customers also can choose any further exterior enhancements including door handles and side vents.

Inside, the customers can choose what modification they wish. Everything from the seats to the steering wheel, Revere London is about to serve the satisfaction. For the example, you can see at the pictures.

Revere has also built a set of custom gauges, steering wheels, audio-visual equipment, and umbrella sets for the Sport that further explicate the complete tuning experience which Revere London is trying to exhibit.

By me, this Rover looks like a luxury gangsta car. Well, your turn now, what do you think about this tuning program?