657 horsepower porsche 997 gt2 turbo mc650 tuned by mcchip DKR

For those of you who own a Porsche 997 GT2 Turbo and wish to add more power to your already-530-horsepower car, we think you should have a call mcchip-dkr, because the German tuner has made its latest tuning package, named the Performance “Stage 3 / MC650,” to be available for the 997 GT2 3.6-liter turbo versions. The package is promising to bring an uplifting output up to 657 horsepower.

The total increased-output of 657Hp and 835 Nm from the original version 530HP and 680 Nm came from the adding of revised turbochargers, high-performance charge air coolers, and an enhanced exhaust system features Cargraphic 200-cell sport catalysts and manifolds as well as a silicone Tube Set. A Stage 3 software re-map by Kubatech finished the performance upgrade. Moreover, according to the tuner, ths package could provide over 900 Nm of torque. “Technically no problem, but this would counteract the negative driveability,” the tuner said.

The price is set to 23,000 EUR (about $32,700 according to the current rates). Interested to see further? Hit the link source after the break.