wheelsandmore ferrari 458 italian stallion featuring two tone design 621hp

Latest project by the German tuner Wheelsandmore is this, Ferrari 458 “Italian Stallion,” which was updating the successor of the F430′s power booster up to 621HP, as well as giving a two-tone design racing look.

The project was started on the vehicle’s power source. With the fitted of a valve controlled exhaust system using remotable flaps, stainless steel manifolds and an ECU upgrade, the “Italian Stallion” received an uplifted output up to 621hp and 616lb-ft. According to the Germans, their Ferrari 458 estimated could reach over 330km/h of maximum speed.

Although less to nothing about suspension modifications, the tuner lifted-up the front axle to provide a hydraulic lift around 40mm. This to be done in order to avoid any damages in case of missing road clearance at speed bumps or parking garages.
Last but not least, Wheelsandmore added its own 21-inch 6 Sporz² forged rims wrapped in Hankook tires sizing 245/30/21 front and 345/25/21 at the back to the 458. The two-tone design exterior with racestripe and big rear wing dressed off the Italian Stallion Edition.

Press Release:

Ferrari 458 “Italian Stallion” by Wheelsandmore

Together with basic model California the current 458 Italia continues the tradition of using midship V8 supercar engines and resumes the nomenclature of the ´80s again, 4,5-liter displacement and eight cylinders. Wheelsandmore also follows their years of tradition and so the successor of F430 model was undergone extensive modifications.

The fourth most powerful serial engine of the Scuderia Ferrari already provides lots of sporty driving pleasure. Wheelsandmore is coming up with much more power by using a handmade, valve controlled exhaustsystem with remotable flaps, stainless steel manifolds and an ecu upgrade achieving impressive 621 hp and 616 lb-ft. Wheelsandmore estimated the maximum speed for the brave pilots with over 330 km / h.

A further increase in performance is generated by the noble tuner´s forged rims called 6 Sporz². At the front the lightweights are turning on a 9,0 x21? rim with the appropriate tire dimension of 245/30/21 from Hankook and on the drive axle also Hankook´s S1Evo´s sizing 345/25/21 are rolling on mega wide 12,5 x 21” 3-piece forged wheel s . All Wheelsandmore rims are 100% handcrafted and that allows realizing individual customer requirements in terms of interface design and the color finish. They designed the wheels according to the overall concept of the Ferrari 458.

Wheelsandmore disclaimed any modifications at the serial suspension setup. Only a lift-up system at the front axle provides a hydraulic lift around 40mm to avoid any damages in case of missing road clearance at speed bumps or parking garages.

The two-tone design, racestripe and the shown big rear wing is offered at the exclusice „Italian Stallion Edition”, only available as a complete new vehicle from Wheelsandmore.